Philips AstraPrime 15-Watt Recessed LED Panel Ceiling Light (Square)

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A super slim design, Created to improve the level of illumination within homes, this panel light offers cool daylight to the users. It has a wide voltage and surge protection feature which ensures high durability. The lighting comes with an efficiency of 60Lm. It comes with a 1-year warranty and has a super slim construction. This light source has a long life span and offers cool daylight.

The panel light has a voltage of 230V and a lumen output of 900lm. The lighting source comes with a non-integrated driver with a mounting provision. It has a height of 31mm and a length and width of 18cm. It is best suited for domestic use and can help the users to keep a check on energy bills. These LED panel lights have been highly rated by home-based users.

Category: Lights & Light fittings Brand: Philips
Model Number: AstraPrime Country of Origin: India
Year of Mfg: 2016 Stock Condition: Not Available
Manufacturer: Not Available Warranty Description: Not Available
Is Discontinued From MFG: No

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