Dr. Fixit Newcoat Terrace Waterproofing Coating- Application and Material - Mumbai Region

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Dr Fixit Newcoat is a unique waterproofing coating for carrying out waterproofing of terraces of any kind without breaking the existing brickbat coba, concrete screed, etc.


Unstockify Special Application + Material Scheme fine print:

1. Applicator will be Dr Fixit approved applicator only


2. This Scheme is valid for Mumbai Region only


3. Application Steps

(a) Washing/Cleaning of Surface

(b) Crack opening and filling with Dr. Fixit Crackfil powder 

(c) Coating Application - 1 coat Dr Fixit Primeseal + 3 Coats Newcoat + 45 GSM Fibre Mesh.


4. Any Crack-filling or Structural repair costs will be additional and provided at the time of inspection. 


5. Application will be done under company inspection


6. Warranty will be provided after site inspection only and as per industry standards  


7. Service tax will be extra as per applicable.  

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Category: Waterproofing Materials Brand: Dr Fixit
Model Number: Newcoat Country of Origin: India
Year of Mfg: 2016 Stock Condition: Brand New
Manufacturer: 0 0 Warranty Description: 0
Is Discontinued From MFG: No

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